New Online Casinos Ireland

The industry of online gambling has been growing at unprecedented rates, which is partly due to the coronavirus pandemic situation. Even now, as many places, including land-based casinos, are starting to open up again, a huge amount of people realized how advanced online casinos have become with their innovative games from the best software providers. Thus, it gave a nice push to the emergence of new casinos for computers and mobile devices.

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Best New Casinos For Irish Players 2022

Ireland is indeed a special country when it comes to gambling. This activity, along with online gambling, has been legalized for a long time, which, in turn, led to many of Irish people’s hobby being gambling. Irish players can easily enjoy an abundance of highly progressive new casinos that offer even more games combined with a modern interface and generous promotions. You can explore the compilation of the best new online casinos presented down below.

What To Consider When Choosing A New Casino Site

There are important things you should always consider choosing a new casino website. Online gambling is gaining more recognition and popularity. The development of Internet technologies has given access to online gambling to an unlimited number of people. But, despite the huge number of online casinos, players have to choose the place to gamble at their own risk.

Site Interface

Nobody would be attracted to an ugly interface because it is inevitable. Every time you go to any online casino website and even surf around, you spend a lot of time interacting with its interface. In addition to the great importance of being visually pleasing, a site’s interface must be user-friendly. If the interface is not intuitive, players would feel like they are always lost since it is not convenient to navigate it. In fact, a bad interface can easily be a trigger for any player to leave the website and search for a better place without even wanting to try what he or she is actually here for.

Payment Options

Reliable casinos provide their users with the opportunity to replenish their deposit account and withdraw the winnings using various payment systems. Among the most popular payment options, you can find debit and credit cards, e-wallets (including the most popular PayPal), bank transfers, crypto wallets(including Bitcoin), etc. Even though the number of payment options adds to the overall versatility and convenience of online casinos, you should also pay attention to deposit and payout time, as well as commissions. Besides, many new casinos offer players additional bonuses for using a certain payment system, so do not miss out on that, too.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is a great opportunity for newbies to get a reward that they can use to their advantage. Most often, the one and only condition for receiving a welcome bonus is to complete a registration process by entering basic information about yourself. In this case, it would be called a “no deposit welcome bonus”. However, in some online casinos you need to make a first deposit, after which you will be credited your welcome bonus. Fans of online slots can count on free spins that they can use in their favorite slot games. The amount of bonus ranges from one casino to another, so depending on that you can compare different bonus offers. Do not forget about wagering conditions, which you can get familiar with by reading the bonus policy of a casino.

Game Selection And Providers

The ultimate rule suitable for any new casino out there is the more games the better. Honestly, if many games are gathered at one place, why even bother checking out others? Well, of course it is technically incongruous, but if you decide to be loyal to a certain online casino, you can benefit by getting additional bonuses. And if you do not want to get bored quickly, having the ability to select from a wide range of games is crucial. Not only the number of games determines how good a casino is, but also the reputation of game providers. Before joining a game, read a little bit about a software provider who released it. The biggest names of the industry have been creating iconic games for decades, so by choosing their games you get a quality gambling experience and unbiased outcomes.

Legality And Safety

Your choice of brand new casino sites should fall on those who operate legally. Only by gambling at licensed places, you can be sure your personal information, as well as money are safe. To make sure a casino has licenses from a credible gaming authority, you must scroll down the page and find information about a licenser there. Clicking on a correspondent icon you should be transferred to the official website of the authority that issued the license. If you cannot find the information about a licensing authority, contact customer support.


Even though new online casinos have not yet had enough time to get wide recognition, you should still avoid those that are already known as dubious. A good way to find out about the current state of affairs is to read reviews about the casino on various forums. While people express their subjective views leaving comments about things that tend to be subjective, try to highlight moments where they may mention fishy situations with regards to the casino. If you see that the casino was already engaged in scandals, think twice before playing there. If the place is obviously a scamming one, needless to say, you must avoid it.

New Casino Sites VS Established Brands

Online casinos and gambling, in general, are all about having fun in the first place. However, it would only be relevant when talking about reliable places with a good reputation. The dilemma is that back in the days all online casinos with big names nowadays were start-up sites without a huge client base. What should players do? Should they choose already established online casinos, proven by time and millions of gamblers all over the world, or should they try out new, but possibly more promising projects with innovative ideas? Let’s figure it out.

New online casinos:

  • Fresh design ideas along with brand new game releases;
  • To stand out from other existing casinos, new casinos have to come up with implementing new technologies or features;
  • Often offer more generous bonuses on softer terms;
  • Being young and not yet widely recognized, new casinos need to prove how trustworthy they are.

Established brands:

  • Cooperate with popular and reputable software developers;
  • Have a lot of active users daily;
  • Deserved trust of many gamblers having been operating for years;
  • Not so eager to try out the latest technologies from the world of online gambling.

Registration Process

In many online casinos, registration is not required to start using the site. You can easily flip through the pages, familiarize yourself with the presented machines and sometimes even play them. However, registration at the best new casino sites will take your gaming experience to the next level. By having completed this simple procedure, you can start gambling for real money, or assay presented games by using a demo mode. Besides, you will be offered the welcome bonus that you can also take advantage of, and you will have the opportunity to participate in casino promotions. In other words, you will become one of the casino’s privileged members, and not just a passerby. Once you have decided about the place to gamble, you can follow those simple tips:

  • Find a button called “sign up” and click on it;
  • When entering personal data, you must be extremely careful. All information must be real, otherwise, you may subsequently have problems with verifying your identity and withdrawing money;
  • Do not lie about your age and the date of birth. Many casinos offer special bonuses for player’s birthdays;
  • Come up with a complicated password and save it in several places;
  • Don’t be lazy to open and read the “terms and conditions” section carefully in order to know exactly how much you can bet with bonus money and what games you can play;
  • Once you are done with entering the information, you should wait for the verification process to be completed. Usually, it does not take more than 5 minutes.

New Online Casino Games

As new casinos appear, the quality of the content presented on them also does not stand still. Today, there is a huge demand for online casinos, which motivates providers to create more and more games to meet the needs of players. It is important that new online casinos cooperate only with reliable game developers. This is the only way you can be sure of a quality gambling experience and a fair outcome.

Software Providers

Game suppliers are an integral part of the online gambling world, without which there would be no point in online casinos. These companies are engaged in the conception of game plots, the development and creation of graphics and visuals, as well as all the aspects related to odds. Popular software providers tend to cooperate with big names in the online gambling industry, however, new casinos also do not stay aside and even offer their players unique releases from top providers, and new start-up companies that come up with innovative game solutions. Software providers are also obliged to operate with licenses. This is a guarantor of safety and fair play. Despite the fact that the market is dominated by the largest developers who have been creating games for decades, more conceptually new and interesting games from new developers can be found.

Popular Games

Software providers create games that eventually show up at casino websites and are being played by gamblers. In order to make them popular and loved by millions, they try to impress players with better graphics, mind-boggling visuals, pleasant sound effects, and brand new features that have not been used before. On brand new casino sites you may come across popular and well-known games, as well as those yet-to-be popular. It’s always better to explore as many new games as you can, especially given possible bonuses and promotions that you can get playing them.

New Casino Bonus Offers And Promos

New casinos, unlike already established ones, are striving for new gamblers. Yes, they may have a better interface, interesting and innovative games, endless enthusiasm for creating and developing, but it just will not be recognized until a casino gets more users. And what is a better attraction and loyalty scheme than offering generous casino bonuses and promotions? People might get hooked on the game pool and service of a new casino, but they need to be motivated and driven by other factors to even look and consider gambling there. That is why newly created casinos tend to offer better bonuses for gaining popularity and earn a name among gamblers worldwide.

Welcome Offers

By the name of this bonus offer, you can already tell that it is given as a compliment for players who just joined an online casino. Welcome bonuses are different too. For instance, a no deposit welcome bonus only requires registration, while a bonus for the very first deposit implies replenishing your account.

Loyalty Programs

In order to encourage not only newcomers but also regular visitors, online casinos create loyalty programs. Such programs are manifested in different ways in different online casinos. However, most often, such a bonus is given depending on the frequency of visits and account replenishments. Often, players are awarded special points (in other words, the internal currency of a casino), which can later be exchanged for something of value. Thus, the most loyal players can even exchange such points for a trip, real money, or even a car.

VIP Bonus

The status system is quite popular among online casinos. For example, once you sign up and start your gambling journey, you are considered a beginner. However, as the gambling time and the amount of deposits increases, your status will increase respectively, which opens up new opportunities for you. Each casino offers different benefits from the VIP status, but often it implies the opportunity to participate in private events, promotions, sweepstakes, and special tournaments. In addition, the size of your cashback bonus will most likely also increase.

Other Offers

Among other popular new casino bonus offers, you can often see a bonus for using a certain banking option, a bonus for inviting your friends, reload bonuses that are given on a regular basis for making deposits, a bonus for deposits (usually in form of fixed percentages), etc.

Withdrawals And Deposits in Ireland

Irish gamblers can freely choose any banking option to their liking. The most popular and widely used methods include debit/credit cards, PayPal, e-wallets, cryptocurrency wallets, and bank transfers. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, depositing or withdrawing money via debit or credit cards can be fast, but also tend to have bigger commissions. In contrast, bank transfers take more time but are far more reliable and safe.

Best New Mobile Casinos

Gambling via mobile phone is the main trend of the last couple of years. Many gamblers tilt towards playing on their smartphones because it is far more versatile and convenient. They can grab their phone with them and enjoy their favorite games while being on their way to work, waiting in the long line, or just being outside their home. In this regard, having an app has become a thing for the absolute majority of gambling places. In order to gamble at the best mobile casinos, just download apps of your favorite online casinos.

TOP Live New Online Casinos

When it comes to the best live casinos, people want to have quality live dealer games to feel the atmosphere of a fancy land-based casino. Live games have always been popular since gamblers can communicate with a croupier, see the game in real-time, and make sure the gaming process is transparent and fair.

Pros & Cons

New casinos always bring something fresh and new to the online gambling industry, pushing it towards development, which, of course, cannot be underestimated. However, there are drawbacks that are also worth mentioning.

  • Modern design codes of websites and mobile apps
  • Brands new games with unique features
  • Higher bonuses with simplified conditions for wagering
  • Lack of reputation
  • Often, the number of people playing at newly created casinos is significantly lower

How To Avoid Scams At New Casinos

To avoid scams at new casinos, you can use the following two simple tips. The most effective way of screening out dubious and unreliable casinos is to check whether it has all the necessary licenses obtained from official gaming authorities. You can also go online and read reviews from other gamblers. Often you will see posts or even special sections dedicated to scamming casinos anyone must avoid. In addition, never neglect reading the terms and conditions of a place you are going to entrust your personal information to and, perhaps, deposit real money.

Final Words

As you can see, the number of new online casinos is increasing, and the trend does not seem to cease. Choosing a new casino, you must be vigilant, as there are many scamming websites that are getting harder to detect. Nonetheless, they offer a handful of attractive perks for their members: starting from bigger bonuses to innovative gaming solutions and interfaces. No matter which place will end up the choice of yours, do not forget about responsible gambling and having fun in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can New Online Casinos In Ireland Be Trusted?

Online casinos in Ireland can be trusted if they have obtained licenses from relevant authorities.

Do New Casinos Offer No Deposit Bonus?

Yes, online casinos offer a no deposit bonus, as well as other popular types of bonus offers.

Which Are The Best New Casinos For Irish Players?

The best new casinos for Irish players are those where they enjoy games and services the most.

How To Choose A New Casino Site?

To choose a new casino site, you should pay attention to how it looks, how convenient it is, the legality of it, what bonuses it offers, and how good customer support is.

How Do I Register At A New Casino?

The registration process at new casinos is no different from other places. A step-by-step guide is given in this article as well.

Why Play At A New Casino?

Gamblers choose to play at new casinos because they often have something unique and attractive to offer: whether it is games, or bonus offers.

Why Should I Choose a New Casino Site over the Established one?

You should choose a new casino site over the established one because it tends to offer more technologically advanced gambling solutions, as well as more generous bonuses.