Top Live Roulette Sites in Ireland

Roulette is an outstanding game with a long history that has come all the way to the point where millions of gamblers enjoy playing it online. To minimize the differences between traditional roulette played at real fancy casinos, gamblers can choose out of the best online live roulette casinos.

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Best Live Roulette Casinos 2022

Combining simple yet addictive gameplay with a wide range of betting options, roulette is popular both among newbies and experienced gamblers. Do you want to play this legendary game right now? Check out our list of the best live roulette sites, where you can compare the best online casinos and pick the ones you like the most.

How To Play Live Roulette

To play live roulette you would not need any special equipment or even very powerful devices. Instead, you should follow some simple tips as navigation to play live roulette at virtually any online casino you may come across.

Find A Table, Join And Place Your Bets

Online casinos tend to have an abundance of live roulette tables, which is a great thing since you can choose bet amounts suitable for your pocket as well as a croupier you like the most. Once you have picked the table, join the game and place a bet.

Watch The Dealer Spin The Wheel

Being able to watch the process live is beneficial not only in terms of making sure the casino is honest but also when hearing the sounds of the ball spinning, background music playing, and the dealer looking classy. While the wheel is spinning, you can truly experience unique emotions hoping for the right outcome in the right atmosphere.

See The Results

If luck is on your side, you will be happy to see the desired result on the wheel getting money credited to your account. Unfortunately, there might be losses as well. In this case, you lose your bet, but it is not the reason to get upset when playing responsibly.

Game Types Popular In Ireland

Irish gamblers love to gamble. The country has been open to gambling, including online gambling, which has resulted in many people’s hobby being placing bets playing live dealer roulette. With how popular the game is, no wonder it picked up new types. Let’s have a look at some popular types of live roulette in Ireland.


The European roulette wheel has 37 sectors, from 1 to 36 and 0 or “zero”. This way, online casinos have a profit of 2,7% since all the bets placed on everything but zero are lost. Being the most popular type of roulette, you can always expect online casinos to have many live tables of it.


American roulette has a striking feature, which is two zeros on the roulette reel – a zero and a double zero. This was conceived in order to increase the profit of an online casino to 5.3%. Also, the numbers on the table are placed differently from the European version, and the size of the table itself is smaller, making it more dynamic to play.


French roulette is the most favorable type of game with only 1,35% of casino profit. Just like European roulette, the French one has a 36-number combination on the fully green table. A distinctive feature of French roulette is the so-called “En Prison” rule (in cases where the ball stops at zero). Hitting zero, the player receives half of his bet when playing on equal odds.

Other Types

All the types mentioned above are not the only ones existing today. The best online live roulette casinos can also have mini roulette with only 13 numbers on the table. Also, the roulette without zero, which is identical to the European version, but takes a fixed amount as the commission. There is even the version with multiple wheels, so you surely will hit the spot.

What To Consider When Choosing A Live Roulette Gambling Site

There are things you should pay attention to, in order to get the most out of your live roulette experience. Sure thing anyone would want to gamble at the best live roulette gambling site. But where and how can you tell that the website is worth your time? Let’s find out.

Mobile Compatibility

No doubt that if an online casino provides an application that can be easily downloaded, it makes a huge difference. Keep in mind that even if you are a PC gambler, there might as well be the case when it’s not within your reach, but you still want to gamble. That is why the presence of live roulette mobile apps is important when choosing a gambling site.

Supported Payment Methods

Of course, if you plan to play for free, this point is unlikely to be relevant. Although, even in this case, there is a great chance that you will change your mind and decide to tickle your nerves a little bit while playing for real money. The more methods for depositing and withdrawing funds at online casinos, the better. Based on commission and waiting time, you can always choose the one that suits you best.

Legality And Security

The credibility and trustworthiness of the place you are going to gamble at are paramount in this respect. If the online casino is legal and has all the licenses, you can be sure that your money and personal data are safe. Otherwise, you risk losing what you will have deposited or giving important information to scammers.

Live Roulette Variety

Even though roulette has been one of the most played games at any online casino, it is still kind of repetitive. So if you want to diversify your live roulette gambling experience, it is crucial that the site has a variety of tables of different types to offer.

Bonus Offers

It’s no secret that online casinos attract the audience with tempting incentives for registering, depositing money into an account and being an active player on the site. At the same time, gamblers can take advantage of those offers and increase their chances to win when playing live dealer roulette.

Best Live Roulette Bonus Offers

Some people are skeptical about bonuses you can get. Nonetheless, they are a great opportunity to win extra money, or, at least, play longer than you would without them. Do not forget to wager your bonus, if you want to withdraw your winnings. You can expect to have two main types of the best live roulette bonus offers.

For New Players

Bonuses for new players are usually called “welcome bonuses”. By the name of it you can already tell that once you have successfully completed your registration, the bonus is credited to your account. Sometimes, you might also need to make your first deposit to receive another bonus for newcomers known as the “first deposit bonus”.

For Existing Users

Existing members of a casino can also get different bonuses. For instance, if you are a regular player, online casinos can compliment you with bonuses for loyalty. Respectively, when making regular deposits, you look up the days when there is a bonus for depositing.

Live Roulette App And Mobile Play

Since the majority of modern online casinos are not lagging behind and are interested in engaging as many gamblers as they could, they create convenient live roulette apps. The good news is that those apps tend to be compatible with almost any smartphone out there.


The Android operating system is the leading mobile platform in terms of the number of users. Now providers and casino operators are adapting their games for Android phones to make a live roulette app that would not be inferior to its PC version.


Smartphones from Apple are also popular devices among live roulette players. iPads can make your gameplay even fuller thanks to screen sizes. To download an app to your iPhone or iPad, you should visit the AppStore and find the name of the casino.

Winning Strategies And Tips

It should be said right away that there are no magic strategies for playing live roulette that would allow you to beat the casino most of the time. The random number generator or a live croupier makes it simply impossible (unless a casino has a biased wheel). However, there are some tips you can follow to get the most out of the process and minimize unreasonable decisions.

  • If you want a chance to win big, you need to increase volatility. When placing high volatility bets, you increase the chances of exceeding the expected negative outcome and you can win;
  • Betting the whole bankroll at once. While it sounds crazy and like a stroke of pure blind luck, it might give you the biggest outcome with pretty nice chances;
  • Raising your bet on every win, and keeping it low when losing;
  • Always play responsibly. Never chase losses and join the table realizing you may lose. If you are not having fun playing – it is only going to harm you.

How To Pick A Live Roulette Betting Table

Due to the fact that live roulette is a highly demanded game, the number of tables at any casino is great. You will have to consider some peculiarities before joining a live roulette betting table.

The Limits

Depending on how big your bank is, you should opt for correspondent tables. Each of those would have bet limits, which can or cannot be suitable for you. If you want to prolong your in-game time and enjoy yourself in a pleasant atmosphere, aim for low-bets tables.

Interface And Graphics

Most of the users prefer live roulette with good graphics (camera quality), bright design and high-quality music. However, try different tables to find the one meeting your needs.


Software providers are responsible for creating games that you can enjoy. The biggest companies release not only advanced slots, or other visually pleasing games, but also live ones. To make it the closest to real-casino experience, software providers ensure the equipment of the highest quality, as well as hire professional croupiers.

Pros And Cons

As with any casino game, even the best live roulette casinos have their pros and cons. For some people, they are insignificant, for others, they are a reason to spend their free time betting chips on the numbers or colors of their beloved game.


  • Access to hundreds of tables within the distance of your PC or smartphone
  • The game is managed by live dealers, which makes it impossible for a casino to tweak the results
  • Players can adjust their games for their budget
  • It is possible to communicate with the dealer and other game participants via chat
  • When playing live roulette, you always depend on the stability of the Internet
  • High temptation to continue playing after losing

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play Live Online Roulette?

To play live roulette, you should choose a place, find a table, and place a bet depending on your current budget.

What types of Live Roulette Bets Are There?

There are two main sections of live roulette bets: outside (colors, tables, dozens, etc.) and inside bets (numbers).

Can I Play live roulette for free?

Yes, you can play live roulette for free. To make it possible, create a demo account and play for virtual coins.

Do mobile casinos offer live roulette games?

Yes, they do. In fact, providers and casino apps have perfectly optimized them for the top-notch gambling experience.

Do I need fast internet to play live dealer roulette?

Yes, you would need a rather stable and fast Internet connection, otherwise, the quality of the picture and sound would not be as good.

Is live roulette rigged?

The great advantage of live roulette is that it cannot be rigged as long as you play at reliable casinos. You can watch every dealer’s move to ensure fair conditions.

Is live dealer roulette played in real-time?

Yes, live streams broadcast dealers in specially designed studios with almost no delays.