Casino Bonus Offers in Ireland

Online gambling has been up and going in Ireland for quite a long time. In fact, the country was among the very first ones to ever legalize online gambling and regulate it. In this regard, no wonder many local operators are highly popular even outside the country. However, the competition is also pretty high, which makes online casinos find ways to attract new players and withstand competition. One of those, indeed, effective ways is providing a casino bonus.

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Top Online Casino Bonuses For Irish Players

Casino bonuses are the tool to compliment newcomers and regular members by giving them extra money to play. Bonuses themselves can be very different, considering the trend for unique bonuses by separate online casinos. Irish players are introduced to a wide range of bonuses from reputable casinos all over the world.  Depending on the type of bonus, it can be used in various games. The rules for wagering, however, must be checked beforehand so that you have a clear picture of how, where and when you can use and claim it.

Ultimately, online casino bonuses can be divided into two big sections: bonuses where a deposit is required and no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are less popular and generous, while also being more difficult to wager. If players are specifically interested in deposit bonuses from licensed casinos, then getting them is even easier. You will need to find out about the specific conditions of receiving them: how much you would have to deposit to get a certain amount of bonus money. After that, deposit the required amount as indicated in the casino’s rules and eventually just enjoy your bonus. Wagering deposit bonuses is also easier, but the requirements may differ, so be careful.

Why Do Casinos Give Away Bonuses

Because it is valuable for both casinos and players. Of course, online casinos are not charitable foundations. When giving away bonuses to their players, they primarily rely on the fact that as many people as possible will visit their website or download a mobile application. If the online casino is convenient and offers a wide range of games, good customer support, and is constantly improving and updating, the players themselves, who received the bonus, will want to continue gambling there.

Moreover, each bonus, even no deposit one, has its own wagering requirements. This is done so that those who really want to play get a decent advantage, and “bonus hunters” could not rob the casino. Thus, it is not difficult to understand that there is no hypocrisy on the part of online casino operators. Moreover, if it seems to you that the conditions for wagering the bonus are rather complicated, you always have the opportunity to decline it and play for your own money or in demo mode. Fortunately, it is now easy to find splendid casino bonuses for Irish players that we will be talking about further in the article.

Types Of Online Casino Bonuses Out There

Today it is difficult to imagine any online casino that would not offer bonuses or promos. With the development of the online gambling industry, of course, more and more brand new online casinos began to pop up. Thus, each of them needs, in addition to filling the site with good games and a convenient interface, to attract new players with special bonuses. By offering their players top online casino bonuses, operators provide themselves with a good customer base of loyal players who will gladly visit the casino again, and perhaps even recommend it to friends. In general, at the moment there are hundreds of types of bonuses that online casinos offer their players. However, we have highlighted the ten most frequently encountered bonuses in a wide variety of online gambling places.

Free Spins

Free spins are the most common bonus among most online casinos, as slots make up the lion’s share of the games pool. The essence of free spins is that you get the opportunity to spin the reel of the slot for free a certain number of times. Typically, the number of free spins you may come across is 50, but in special cases, it can go up to a hundred or even higher. At the same time, often free spins can only be used in certain games that are currently participating in the promotion of a casino. In most cases, people who want to get free spins need to register on the casino website or mobile application first.

Occasionally, you may get the opportunity to enjoy the free spins round as a bonus after a mini-game or as a result of other bonus features. The number of online casinos with free bonuses as spins, where there is no download, no deposit or no registration required to play, is constantly growing. You can easily find your favorite games before taking risks and playing for money. The best way to improve your strategy and learn more about the online slot you are going to play for real money is by playing it for free first. It will also give you the opportunity to learn more about the paytables and other features in the game you like, such as multipliers and wild symbols. Tiny changes to paytables can ultimately make a significant difference on your bankroll in the long run.

Welcome Bonus

You can expect to have a welcome bonus among the best casino bonuses, and the most popular, too. The bonus is credited once you have completed a registration procedure, meaning you won’t even have to deposit anything in order to use it. Also, you would have to enter and confirm your contact details. The casino gets the right to use the contact information for marketing purposes. The player himself gives permission to send him advertisements via SMS and email. The wagering of such a bonus is carried out using your own funds, so the money will still be needed.

High Roller

As the name implies, in order to receive this bonus, you need to be a high roller.  That means to be a person who rolls deep and has high stakes. The definition of “rolling deep” will vary from casino to casino, but keep in mind that this is a minimum of several thousand euros we are talking about. If you are a high-roller player and want to play for large stakes at an online casino, you should choose time-tested websites that will not have any difficulties with payouts.


One of the most common bonuses is VIP bonuses, which are offered only to VIP players. Those players tend to have special features coming along with their status: higher exchange rate for points, private tournaments, additional gifts, etc. Generally, only the most loyal users who have been highly active, playing their favorite games for a long time, receive access to this type of casino bonus.

Reload Bonus

The underlying factor of reload bonuses is the same as in the rest of the deposit bonuses. However, while first deposit bonuses are given to newcomers in order to compliment them, the goal of reload bonuses is to retain existing members and make them stay for as long as possible. Casinos tend to give this bonus to their loyal players so that they have enough of a bankroll to play and explore more games. Reload bonuses are given on a regular basis (not only once) making players devoted to a casino.

Game Specific

Software developers cooperate with online casinos and often carry out special promotions by giving away bonuses for the specific games. For example, it might be free spins only for a certain slot game. As a rule, this type of bonus does not imply long-term. On the one hand, this can upset those whose favorite game will soon be excluded from the current promotion. On the other hand, this gives an impetus to try more and more games to which this promotion will be extended.

Device Specific

This kind of bonus is more suitable for mobile devices. To make their apps more popular and encourage gamblers to try mobile gambling, online casinos often reward players for downloading them from AppStore or GooglePlay.

Loyalty Points

Casinos are interested in players being active and gambling regularly. To keep their motivation high, they create different loyalty programs. Depending on how much players bet, they can be given a certain status that has its own benefits. Those can be different: from special events for “high-status” players, exclusive support, bigger cash bonuses, to even something more extravagant like a trip ticket.

Deposit Match Bonus

Match bonuses are no different from deposit bonuses, except for one important detail. That “match” part means that you will be given a bonus that is equal to the amount you deposit. Say, if you decided to deposit 50$, your deposit match bonus at the casino is going to be 50 bucks as well (given 100%). However, there is always a roof that is stated in the conditions, so read them carefully.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Bonuses for mobile casinos combine various bonuses that can be used by mobile gamblers. Sometimes there is even a special bonus for playing via mobile phone. Those bonuses can either be credited to your account automatically, or you should use casino bonus codes instead.

Finding The Best Casino Bonus

The importance of bonuses is rather difficult to overestimate. They can open a lot of opportunities for players with a zero budget, as well as for high-rollers with tens of thousands of dollars. As you now understand more about casino bonuses and what are the most popular types of them, it is about time to find out more about details to help you find the best casino bonuses out of all available options. No matter whether you are a newbie, or an experienced player, choosing the right place with generous bonuses is always worth putting a little effort into it.

Terms And Conditions

Each bonus has its own rules for receiving and withdrawing. Some are available after making a deposit, while others are available after registration or after placing a certain number of bets. Sometimes the requirements are so high and hardly meetable that the rationality of spending time trying to wager your bonus is questioned. Only after you have carefully read all the nuances of the online casino bonus policy, using such offers and withdrawing money from your account would make sense.

Time Limitations

Depending on the type of casino bonus, the user has a different period for fulfilling the conditions for wagering the bonus. For no deposit bonuses, as well as for free spins, only a few days are given. In the same breath, deposit bonuses must be wagered within a significantly longer time. If you cannot find time to immediately fulfill the time condition, then it is better to postpone the activation of the offer until later.

Wagering Requirements

When it comes to bonuses, online casinos always add certain wagering conditions. Wager the amount which needs to be placed in order to be able to withdraw funds. So, with an x5 wager and a deposit of $100, the player will need to place bets equivalent to $500. Wager sizes always depend on the type of bonus. So, for example, high wagers are common for no deposit bonuses, which greatly complicates the wagering process.

Eligible Games

Online casinos provide a list of prohibited to participate games while wagering the bonus. This list is regulated solely by online casinos, so each operator will have different games added. If, for some reason, there is no such information, you should contact customer support. In general, bonuses are wagered in slot machines. In most slots, 100% of the bets made are counted. At the same time, for other games (roulette, poker, video poker) the indicator ranges from 5% to 20%. Live games tend to not be used for wagering bonuses.

Win Limits

The conditions specify the maximum bet limit, which is important to take into account when wagering. For larger bets, the online casino might deduct money from the bonus account and cancel the winnings. The bet limit affects the chances of completing the wager: a limit too small requires the user to make more bets. Therefore, when the required amount is reached, you can switch to games with low variance, which allows you to keep your bankroll for a long time.

How To Claim A Bonus

In order to claim a casino bonus, you would need to follow some simple steps. Knowing enough about bonuses and details, we are going to summarize it all by giving you the ultimate guide for claiming a bonus at any online casino.

  1. Choose the place you are going to gamble at. Remember to only play at reliable online casinos, as safety of your money and data come first. It is better to first find out about the bonus policy, playthrough requirements, and wagering conditions on the official website of the online casino or in the mobile application;
  2. Complete a registration process. Usually, it would not take more than 5 minutes. Be ready to provide your basic personal information: name, surname, age, email, phone number;
  3. Out of available banking options, pick the one suitable for you and enter a bonus promo code. There might even be an extra bonus for using certain payment methods;
  4. Choose the games you want to play and start playing (make sure it is suitable for wagering);
  5. Meet the wagering requirements to be able to withdraw your winnings.

Tips On How To Use Your Casino Bonus

Whether you are hoping for a free online casino bonus or you want to reap all the benefits from a deposit bonus, you should be aware of how to dispose of them properly. For beginners, as well as for experienced gamblers, these few tips will help you maximize the outcome from using your bonuses.

  1. Always compare bonuses from various online casinos. It might be the case that a seemingly nice bonus is actually far worse than that of other not less reputable places.
  2. Never neglect reading terms and conditions. You can be happy after receiving your bonus, but it can turn into sorrow pretty quickly when you realize you cannot do what you were planning to.
  3. Take a look at how the bonus contribution works, in other words, where it can be wagered. Very often, casinos limit the possibility of wagering only with slot machines, crossing out blackjack, roulette, and other interesting games.
  4. Use your bonus as it is meant to be. By that, we mean treating your extra money as a pleasant compliment to make your gambling even more pleasurable. “Even more” means that you should only go to play at any online casino thinking about having fun in the first place, and not necessarily get upset when not hitting the desired jackpot.
  5. Remember that you reserve the right to not accept your bonus. Some players do not want to feel obligated and spend their time wagering their winnings to be able to withdraw funds from a casino. Feel free to decline bonuses if you do not feel like beating around the bush with them.
  6. Once you have started your wagering procedure, you can monitor your progress. By doing it, you can see approximately how many bets are left before you can withdraw your winnings.
  7. If you successfully passed all the wagering requirements, it is time to withdraw at least your initial deposit. Many players can go off the deep end with casino games and lose everything in the hope of even bigger winnings. But the reality is far harsher than many think. So if you do not care much about winning at all, let it be, otherwise stop for a minute and decide whether you are really willing to continue and risk everything you have won so far.

Well, now you really are an expert in casino bonuses. Nonetheless, keep up-to-date with all the news of online casinos you gamble at, as well as new and innovative places where you may bump into new casino bonuses that can grab your attention.

Pros & Cons

Luring players with generous bonuses seems to be a normal practice for the absolute majority of online casinos. And as we already know, it is great to have additional spins, coins, or even cashback for playing the game you love. And while casino bonuses have many positive sides, there are some negative ones as well.

  • Getting extra money that you can use to prolong your gameplay time and boost your chances to win big
  • Thanks to bonuses you can play on higher limits
  • If you like gambling, you can reap the benefits of multiple bonuses that are given on a regular basis
  • Any type of bonus has its wagering requirements that must be met in order to withdraw your winnings
  • There are only certain games where you can wager your bonus


What Is A Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus is additional funds that the casino provides its players after fulfilling certain conditions (whether it is registration or deposit).

Are Casino Bonuses Worth It?

There is almost no reason not to take advantage of bonuses. If you were going to play anyway, why not do it with some extra funds you can use.

How Do I Find Irish Casino Bonus Codes?

You can search for websites that regularly post bonus codes of casinos available in Ireland.

Do New Irish Casinos Offer Better Casino Bonuses?

It is not necessarily the case. But sometimes new casinos are striving for new players, so they would make their bonus policy more attractive.

Where Do I Find Low Wagering Casino Bonuses?

Again, you can search for places with fairly low wagering requirements. However, most often top online casinos have almost identical terms for wagering.

Can I withdraw my casino bonus winnings?

You can withdraw your bonus winnings as soon as you have completed all the wagering requirements that are stated in the terms and conditions of an online casino.