Blackjack Gambling Apps

We all know how interesting it can be playing blackjack at online casinos and land-based ones. The pandemic made many gamblers stuck at home without any chance of going to play at fancy casinos. In this regard, however, we can also see the tendency of large numbers of people deciding to try out mobile blackjack. It is totally understandable, as it is accessible, versatile, and can be played no matter where you are as long as you have Internet access.

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Best Blackjack Apps in Ireland

No doubt that the most popular game among gamblers all over the world would be highly demanded in Ireland, the country known as the gambler’s paradise. The majority of Irish operators make it possible to download the best apps and play via smartphones.

Top Casinos To Play Mobile Blackjack

When finding the best mobile blackjack app to play, anyone should opt for a trusted place with a high level of security for their data and funds deposited. Many great online casinos provide their players with mentioned characteristics, and also put into creating a convenient and advanced blackjack app a lot of work and effort.

Top-Rated Apps

To embrace as many players as they can, online casinos and software providers make mobile applications or mobile versions. No surprise there are lots of blackjack gambling apps compatible with modern smartphones. Take a look at the list of quality blackjack apps you might want to try.

How We Rate Mobile Blackjack Casinos

We try to do the best within our power to give you the most objective and comprehensive opinion on any mobile blackjack casino we come across. The main goal is to provide you with essential information and things you should pay close attention to in order to pick the place you are going to be comfortable with. Besides, it gives you a perfect opportunity to compare online casinos and mobile applications to eventually decide what is the best place to gamble.

Casino Safety And Licenses

Security is hardly something you can easily neglect or underestimate, so this is the number one thing, without which any others would not really matter. If you go to a website or mobile app that does not have any license, operates with fake and dubious software that you will be offered to download, the chances are, not only your money but also your personal data can be stolen due to malware. So how would you tell if a blackjack app is legit or not? Check whether a casino claims to have obtained licenses from a gambling authority. If it does, make sure it is not fake by going to the official website of the authority to see the name of the casino there.

Game Limits

Once you have confirmed that the blackjack game app is reliable and can be trusted, you obviously want to have an abundance of types and tables to choose from. Playing on your mobile phones you can either join a regular blackjack table, or might as well enliven your experience with live dealer blackjack. Depending on your budget, make sure that the game limits are suitable for your pocket. Mobile casinos tend to create different tables with different limits within one app, but you better check it beforehand.

Banking Options

Banking methods are what you are able to use in order to deposit real money into your account and, relatively, withdraw them from it. Banking options range from conventional debit and credit cards to electronic payment systems or even bitcoin wallets. Each of these methods has its pros and cons, and some blackjack apps only offer their services in specific countries. All of these factors need to be considered when choosing a mobile casino where you want to start playing. Keep in mind that for different banking options the commissions and deposit/payout time may vary.

Bonus And Promotions

Bonuses and promotions can make players keener to gamble at a certain mobile casino by giving them various benefits to increase their winning chances or gameplay time. In the same breath, gamblers undertake to fulfill the list of conditions necessary to wager and receive long-awaited winnings. You can take advantage of the most generous bonuses from the mobile blackjack casinos presented in the top list. The most prevalent bonuses for blackjack players are: welcome, deposit, and VIP bonuses, or even special bonuses for a certain blackjack game.

Blackjack Game Providers

The software providers who created blackjack games are associated with the games that the online casino boasts. Historically, online casinos have only offered games from one software provider, but lately the trend has changed. The biggest game developers release innovative games with stunning graphics, making them all work smoothly on iPhones and Android smartphones. Top-notch game providers are one of the vital signs of a quality gambling experience.

Blackjack Gambling App VS Playing Via Browser

Perhaps it is the endless topic of players and the subject of burning discussions. Everyone knows that today you can choose between the browser version or the blackjack game app. More recently, online casinos were accessible only through a computer or laptop. Still, playing at the best blackjack sites on a PC is a great option for gamblers, but not the only one anymore.

Gambling App:

  • With a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection, you can play anywhere, which boosts versatility;
  • Mobile apps are now optimized enough to provide a quality gambling experience;
  • Often, when gambling at a mobile casino, players can receive special prizes, bonuses, and also play exclusive versions of blackjack;
  • A small screen size may be the gamechanger for some.

Playing Via Browser:

  • The ability to gamble on a big screen;
  • Browser versions of some casinos still might have better features, although it is not so common anymore;
  • When gambling via browser through your phone, it is significantly less convenient to navigate there and, respectively, play games.

Things To Know Before You Start Playing

Once you have decided to try gambling at some blackjack app, there is still something any player needs to know. Without obtaining the absolute crucial information about the game, you will not be able to enjoy it fully and make winning a habit.


While it seems quite obvious that knowing the rules is the number one thing before delving into the gameplay process, some players do not read them carefully. It may result in losses and tearing the game away. There are many types of blackjack, but the game is based on the basic concept of the game: you can beat the dealer and other players at the table by getting the best combination of cards not exceeding 21 of their worth.


The gameplay of any blackjack gambling app is quite simple. You will need to find a table with bets suitable for your pocket. Then you are receiving two initial cards, after which you can either hit or stand. To increase your chances of winning, you can also split your hand (if you have two cards of the same value, for instance). If your move is hit, you will be given another card. The last point is revealing: the one that gets 21 or closer to this gets the bank.

Payout Information

Make sure you are familiar with the information about payouts. Find out how long you have to wait until you can receive your winnings depending on a banking method you will choose for withdrawal.

Mobile Blackjack Variations Available

In addition to the classic version of the legendary blackjack, the game has acquired several varieties. Compared to any other casino game, blackjack has the biggest number of different types that have appeared throughout the existence of blackjack and continue to appear even today. Nonetheless, let’s break down the most popular ones briefly.

Atlantic City

This variation of the game has all the basic rules of standard blackjack with the end goal of reaching as close to 21 as possible in order to win. However, there are some subtle differences that make Atlantic City blackjack more favorable to players. For example, you can split up to four hands. The dealer also stands on Soft 17, meaning he has to take one more card if his two cards are worth less than 17, or stop if they are worth 17 or more.


First, the dealer deals the first card face up, even before the player makes a decision on his hand. He takes the second card for himself only once the players receive their cards. If you decide to give up, you can get half your bet back. A double-down bet is possible if the player already has 9 points in total.


Live dealer blackjack is no different in terms of rules, however, it is different conceptually. Instead of playing against a computer using a random number generator, you now can see the real dealer on the other side of your screen. Being able to communicate with the dealer takes the gambling experience to the next step making it as close to land-based casinos as possible.


Unfortunately, this rule does not apply to all mobile blackjack casinos. In fact, only about a third of them allow players to surrender if the situation seems to be unwinnable. The general principle of the surrender is that after receiving two cards, you can refuse to continue the further game. The dealer will take away your cards and half of your bet. No casinos would allow you to surrender if the dealer has an ace, though.


This type of blackjack is perhaps the most different from the traditional one. The main difference is that a player can exchange cards on his two boxes. To do this the player must play on both boxes with an equal bet and change cards only before making any other decision. Such an exchange would give the player a significant advantage over the casino in regular blackjack, but in blackjack switch and the casino has its own benefits. When the dealer has exactly 22 points, this is no longer considered a bust, but a draw, no matter how many points there are on the players’ boxes (except for the player’s “blackjack” combination).

How To Play Blackjack On Mobile

To play blackjack on mobile, you should follow a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a casino you want to play at;
  2. Download the app from AppStore or GooglePlay;
  3. Sign up if you do not have an existing account, or sign in if you do;
  4. Choose any kind of blackjack game out of those offered by the casino;
  5. Join the game and have fun!

Casinos and software developers understand really well that it is a large part of the total number of players combined with those who play on PC. It works for both those who want to find the best blackjack app for real money and those who just want to enjoy the game itself.

Mobile Blackjack Setup

As opposed to PC gambling, you would not need a whole lot of setup to play the best mobile blackjack app. In fact, any modern smartphone would support applications made by online casinos. Moreover, you would not even need an Internet connection as long as you are playing in offline mode.

Playing On An App

Apps have become extremely convenient for online gambling. With how powerful new smartphones can get, the quality of the experience would totally not be sacrificed. Recently, there have been lots of tournaments going on in mobile blackjack, so anyone of any skill can participate in one of those.

Available Platforms

It is no surprise that there is also diversity within the mobile blackjack domain. Any player can choose an application to play depending on the device he or she has. Without mentioning the exact models of smartphones, we have divided available platforms for mobile blackjack into four main categories.


Perhaps Android smartphones are the most widespread in the whole world. That is why casino operators along with providers primarily focus on Android players. If you are a lucky owner of a relatively fresh Android phone, do not hesitate to try the game, as you have access to the best mobile blackjack apps out there.


Apple has been the leader in the mobile device market for many years. Known for their iPhones and iPads, the majority of blackjack apps are compatible with Apple devices. To start playing online blackjack on your Apple device, you will need to download an app from AppStore.


For those who appreciate big screens, playing blackjack on PC would be the ideal choice. The vast majority of personal computers and laptops are running on the Windows operating system. Often, you would not even need to download the desktop version, since you might as well be comfortable playing in a browser.


If it just happens that you do not have a device on the mentioned platforms, do not get upset. Look up online casinos or mobile applications that would support your operating system. Very often you will find something even relevant even if you are, say, a Linux user.

Bonus Offers For Mobile And Blackjack Game App Users

By choosing mobile blackjack apps you not only get great quality no matter where you are, but you can also get special bonuses. Online casinos reward mobile gamblers with various bonuses, the most popular of which are the welcome bonus and the first deposit bonus. The amounts of such bonuses and, therefore, your bankroll will be larger if you download the application.

Deposits And Withdrawals for Irish Users

Irish gamblers are able to play many great blackjack apps, which makes the number of banking options significantly higher. Still, you should only use the trusted methods you are familiar with. Please note that deposit and withdrawal options may not match, and the commissions may differ. Overall, the variety of ways to deposit and withdraw your money cannot but please players in Ireland. You can use debit or credit cards, bank transfers, or e-wallets. In case you keep up with the times, there is even a possibility to deposit and withdraw funds via your Bitcoin wallet.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Blackjack

Mobile blackjack offers a great deal of ways to play and enjoy the game for different players. You can either choose a free blackjack app, or play for real money; try your luck in European, or Switch type. However, mobile blackjack also has some disadvantages you should consider.

  • Versatility. You can play blackjack anywhere you want with a smartphone you always carry with yourself
  • Online casino apps run smoothly since they are well-optimized
  • The quality of graphics, visuals, and other features would not be inferior to the PC version
  • The ability to receive special bonuses available only for mobile gamblers
  • The size of smartphones screen limitations
  • Additional measures of security should be taken in case you lose your phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mobile Blackjack Legal?

Yes, it is legal as long as you play at a licensed online casino.

Do Blackjack Apps Offer Live Dealer Games?

Yes, the majority of blackjack apps tend to have both tables with a computer dealer, and the live dealer version.

Which Is The Best Blackjack App For Android?

The biggest online casinos have an app for Android users, so you can always count on a quality gambling experience at a reputable casino.

Which Is The Best Blackjack App For IOS?

iPhones and iPads are the second most popular devices among mobile gamblers, so your favorite blackjack app will surely be compatible with IOS.

How do I play blackjack on an app?

To play blackjack on an app, you would only need to download it from AppStore or GooglePlay, sign in, and enjoy your favorite games.